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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
This is silly, You're saying Mackenzie is not saying what you want to hear, so you assume he's biased for the Leafs. Mackenzie is the most resopected anayst around. You're saying he just lies about "Sources" to make the Leafs situation look better? Come on, let's be serious.

It's silly to imply McKenzie made a mistake by speculating on something he had little perspective on? What was he doing, acting as a mouthpiece for the TO fanbase? He certainly didn't have any inside Canuck info feuling his speculation. Later on we learn just how little he knew.

Or is it silly to have blind faith in media types at all? McKenzie was unfair in his analysis at that time. Only later did he correct himself. Before that, some VAN fans suspected he and Dreger were just mouthpieces for the Burke agenda.

Gillis has come out and in his own words stated the Luongo trade likely won't provide any immidiate help for the team. That lines up with what TSN was saying.

How does making the team different line up with the soft deal/cap dump proclamations from the TSN think tank? This I'd like to hear. Please eloborate.

You guys are really reaching to try to find the Toronto media being biased for the Leafs. That was terrible "Example"

Was Dreger biased when he told anyone that would listen that Tomas Kaberle had much lower value than Leaf fans thought and he'd get at best a second rounder days before he was traded to Boston?

This is funny, you point to an example that highlights Dreger's incompetence in a thread branch that questions his ability... I'm not making a case for Dreger's competence, you and TieClark are... or were.

My example pertains only to the Luongo situation. If I wanted to change your blind faith based perceptions on all things TO, I would drag out a laundry list of indictments against TSN that show bias, but I don't want to derail the thread past the Luongo situation itself. In that context, many VAN fans were questioning the validity of these early reports coming out of TSN. It just so happens, we were assured of their biased nature afterwards when we learned of what Gillis may be asking for... Simply put, they were proven wrong.

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