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I think an idea like mine is ideal...

NHL owners would love for the players to make a name for themselves as long as they are playing under their jersey and doing it to win games for their teams, not others. Also its a plus for NHL owners to make revenue... Its a plus for fans to go to games that are cheaper as well, so many people i know cant or refuse to spend the $$ you see.

It gives the NHL teams the ability to try out their draft picks, give guys some attempts and get closer to all players.

European teams playing NHL teams are always a plus. Huge showcase for them.

Best thing is that I think there are many teams in Europe that could compete in such a tournament. I feel like you can see some classic upsets, some good games.

Its really good for hockey too, NHL and IIHF working together for hockey growth which effects their own growth as well.

If cutting the NHL season down, or doing this throughout the season is forbidded (idk why) then I would like to see this at least pre season. At least do it early season, before WINTER CLASSIC.

I wnat to seeeeeee NHL vs other teams hahaha

NHL season...
September 1st training camp and 20 teams are set for tournament
Sept- Oct some group games
Oct 15th season starts

Nov- Break for group games

December- Break to finish group games

best 2 from each group go into bracket...

Jan 1st- Winter Classic

Jan 20th- All star week and CHampions league final four.

Finish the season in April

NHl playoffs... STANLEY CUP, WC etc.

Every 2 years have a World Cup of Hockey... Every 2 years rotating that Olympics
Every year WC.


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