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Originally Posted by GBG Glenn View Post
Don't think the players would take the tournement so serious. There is a tournement called "Europe Trophy (?)" that pretty much no one follows.
Europeans will follow games that are against the NHL

The NHL will have a hard time getting people to follow games against Europeans, but if they host the games then they can make money. They can even supply cheap tickets... more people would go and you can grow your teams popularity in the mean time.

Not every NHL player will take it serious but...

1) You hold prize money. Victoria cup had the winning team all receive like 20,000 dollars. Have the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place team have prize money. So more players will be keen on wanting to play. You still will find yourself with a differ full roster though...

2) So you replace the guys who wont spend their time and energy on this tournament and fill it with the dozens of prospects and AHL or ECHL guys you have. These guys will take this chance seriously to prove to their coach they can play at a top level and fill in roles. Im sure 3rd and 4th liners will have no problem doing the same and taking more serious roles to sharpen their skills throughout the season.

3) Even though their is prize money, it only goes to the knockout stage rosters. The knockout stage rosters cannot change after a certain point and they can only be made up of players who played a certain amount during the group stage. To prevent good worthy players from losing a job because all of a sudden a superstar wants to make a pretty penny.

4) European players will love the chance with the spotlight on them to play NHL players and teams.

5) Gives back up goalies more of a chance to play... gives prospect goalies more time to play and get extra time in.

I think their will be some upsets and the tournament will hit big... if done correctly and marketed well.
Huge thing is live television... website... youtube videos andddd cheap tickets

I think the cheap tickets are a must. You can increase it as the tournament gets more serious but a game agains the Sweden 2nd team you can allow cheap tickets for fans to enjoy and watch.

I can see not an NHL team winning this tournamnet because its knockout and that can cause a stur. A stur in the hockey world like that could make it bigger around the world and permit this every year. Plus i wanna see who would win

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