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10-28-2012, 08:17 PM
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I am so sad and disappointed with this whole season.

Just when things look good, they go bad. Just when you think we have the offensive coordinator gone, or good as gone, things look good and then bam, they look terrible. Just when a QB looks legit, he sucks. Not only does he suck, he just doesn't get pulled.

I'm a big fan of Kavis, but my patience and frustration are at an all time high. We have lost so many games and yards because of bad coaching and just being unprepared, we always started the game behiind the eight ball. Every single game it seemed we were behind on the first possession.

That being said, thanks for the updates today, I was at work and depended on you guys and thought for a moment we might pull it off.

Like the rest of you, if Joseph starts next week, I have lost all faith in Kavis and his cohorts. Maybe it's to keep Calgary guessing, but I highly doubt it.

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