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10-28-2012, 08:35 PM
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They're position makes little to no sense to me.

I don't care how much money they make or whether or not they "make too much." All that is just silly rhetoric. As is the players *****ing about whether or not owner's can still smoke their cigars (although, interestingly enough, they can, and that's one of the reasons the players will not win such a fight).

What does bug me is the lack of rational thought. Even in a 50-50 situation, the owners have a lot less to lose, both relatively speaking and just going by the cold hard facts. The issue here is how much revenue the players should be taking off the top. Even if its 50% going to the players, the owners have other expenses on top of their revenue, so in reality the players stand to lose at least double what the owners stand to lose (I haven't run the numbers but that's a super conservative estimate). Combine that with the fact that the owners have a lot more money than the players, and therefore are more equipped to handle such a hit and its clear that its the owners with the leverage and not the players. Since the owners have the leverage, the onus is on the players to meet them on their playing field (i.e. linkage). The players have refused, now they lost paychecks and will never ever have as much leverage on the owners as they just did. The owners could absolutely destroy in these negotiations if they wanted to. If I was a negotiator I would absolutely be salivating right now. Its almost like a junky jonesing walking into a pawnshop with a shiny Rolex; if the pawnbroker wanted to, he could buy that Rolex for a twenty. The players are not at that point yet, but everyday they are losing more and more leverage.

95% of the players will have negotiated themselves into making less money in their career than they otherwise would have under the owner's last CBA proposal (that's an estimate, but I have to believe it is close to accurate).

It would be one thing if the owners were making NFL money, but they are not. Some owners are legitimately losing money, some are barely making money (to the point where a bank account could probably generate more ROI), and some are doing well. Those doing well far outnumber the other two. THE PLAYERS HAVE NO LEVERAGE. That's what it boils down to and it boggles my mind that the players don't get this.

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