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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
He apparently has contagious bubonic leprosy typhus plague...
That's a common injury on Tillman led teams. It was the same sham in Saskatchewan with everyone being "injured."

There certainly have been real injuries, but there's also been a whole slew of guys who have been put on the IR while being told to work on their limps in front of media.

Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
No, don't you get it? It will again be everyone else's fault. Our QB's have been blameless according to Eskies management.
Yup, of course, when you're trying to deflect away from the RR trade..

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Disgraceful coaching staff.

O'Donnell celebrating Halloween early dressed as a turnstile.
Yeah. Tons of potential, but he's at least a year away from being a legitimate starter.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Well I gotta line up here and take my lumps for any comments on Nichols.

That was awesome, gutsy performance and I haven't been that excited over the Eskimos in years.

Truly I didn't deserve that from Nichols as I've been on his case but man that was something.

I don't know if its been nerves before but I've never seen him throwing the ball with that kind of authority.

Nice relief pitching Nichols. That was stupendous bullpen performance, almost a magical one for the ages type ending.

Koch was held up in the endzone. That call could've happened on the 2 pt convert.

Man, lets hope these two clubs are playing in Mcgill again 3 weeks from now.

As for Joseph, hurt, multiple injuries as I stated and shouldn't have been playing.
Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
He showed an arm today. I gladly take all that back. Like I aready said I don't know if it was nerves and happy feet before but I saw a different Nichols today.

At least we have some hope going forward.

But yeah, I think the org HAS to start Nichols next week. Its the right thing to do afer this and Joseph is really banged up and looking like he would be on the injured list if these games weren't so critical.
And that is why Nichols should have been starting since LD.

We simply didn't know how good he is. Had not seen nearly enough snaps.

Instead we've had Kerry Joseph lead us to a whopping 2-7 record over that time.

That said, as much as Kavis is getting **** on here (and he's made a ton of mistakes), how many coaches would look good in must win games after their GM gives away his #1 QB for nothing and leaves him no suitable replacements?

Nichols looked good, but it's worth mentioning that practice reps have assuredly helped him out a ton along the way as well.

Reed (and Crandell) were given a spoon to head into a knife fight.

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