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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
Such as? People claim his UFA are all busts. If that is the case, he hasn't hurt the rebuild. He hasn't traded a single one of the players he has picked. He's only traded one of the higher ceiling potential prospects he inherited and he did so from a position of strength for a 2nd overall. He's acquired more 1st rounders than any other GM over the past 4 years (if memory serves). He's gotten younger on most every trade. By "quite a bit" do you mean the Kessel trade, where basically he fell behind by one player? Or do you mean that he hasn't acquired a vet goalie yet (which would only serve to make our picks worse)?
Most of his UFA's are busts , it's not a calim it's a fact .

When posters like you have to resort to out and out lying to defend Burke it just proves how poor a job he's done .

Where a prospect was picked has little bearing on his value years after he was drafted yet i continually read how many 1sts Burke has traded for . Did the Sens trade a 3rd rounder for the 6th overall pick or did the Sens trade a 3rd rounder for a prospect who's value had dropped , most reasonable people without an agenda believe the Sens traded for a failing prospect but i guess in your opinion they moved up from the 3rd round to the 6th overall pick .

The team got younger but who gives a damn if you still have to replace the players he brought in ? You and others keep bringing up age like it's some great achievment . Make me gm and i'll promise you an avg age of 24 in 2years . Would being the youngest team in the league by far get you all excited about our future and get me an extension ?

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