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Originally Posted by Hugo Stiglitz View Post
Any highway driving, traffic circles or stuff like that?
I did mine at the registry on 91st and 39th ave and it did have a couple clicks on the Whitemud, but there aren't any traffic circles in the area (which is a shame, more roundabouts the better as long as people learn how to use them).

Honestly I found it easier than the first drivers licence test (which I failed on the first try). The only thing difficult thing about the GDL test is that it's long (an hour). But it's just cruising around and avoiding speeding. I avoided taking the test for 5 years and then decided to get it out of the way for a little peace of mind. But I found it quite easy and none of my friends failed their GDL test either.

For a few days before my test I practiced not speeding, the day of my test I double checked the hours and speed limits of school/playground areas. That's all the prep I needed to do and it probably was unnecessary.

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