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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
The simple fact is that the owners were losing money because of a system they insisted on putting into place in the last CBA. And Ok, so they couldn't forecast how revenues would send player salaries higher than they could afford, fine,... but is that the players fault? No. The players were pretty much forced into agreeing to the last CBA which ending up hurting the owners. The owners now started this CBA negotiations by wanting a 100% flip of the percentages from the last CBA. Essentially, the owners want to bite into all the current contracts that they negotiated with the players leading up to this CBA. If I were a player, I'd say fine, we realize your situation, we'll agree to make the necessary adjustments moving forward, but we don't want changes made in the already established contracts. And that is what the players are fighting for.

Sure, if contractual changes mean gains for you, then you're going to be all for those changes, which is exactly what the owners want. But the proposed changes, as the owners are demanding, mean losses for the players. Not only lower potential salary increases moving forward, which the players are accepting, but lower salaries $ in already negotiated contracts. Who would willing agree to such a thing, at least without a fight?
The players could have kept their salaries in place if they proposed it within a system that made sense (gradual linked decrease), but they have failed to do so. Every single one of their proposals had some sort of delinked proposal, when the owners made it absolutely clear they would only agree to a linked proposal.

So even if its the worst case scenario and they are forced to chose between taking a 7% hit on their contracts vs. not playing 25%-100% of the season, and therefore losing the corresponding percentage of their salary, then how does choosing the latter make any sense at all.

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