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10-28-2012, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
A salary cap and a rollback was giving in. And they'll give in again this time, its just a matter of time, which is the frustrating part.
That was my point, or at least my speculation. And as I was pointing out from that, it was the owners who ultimately were hurt by what they essentially forced on the players in the last CBA. And yes, they never predicted how it could work against them. But now wanting to make up for those losses by cutting into already negotiated contracts.

Players may be well aware when they're negotiating contracts that CBA rule changes could effect those contracts, but surely most players negotiated their contracts with the idea that what was signed in the end would be what the contract stood for. Now I dare ask, did the owners negotiate those contracts (which had dates extending beyond the last CBA's expiration) with the same faith that those contracts wouldn't be altered in a way to work negatively against what the player was agreeing to at the time? I'm beginning to suspect that could there well have been a fair bit of dishonorable negotiation on the part of many contracts they made with players in the last year or two, knowing damn well that they were going to be demanding $ value changes in this CBA.

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