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10-28-2012, 09:32 PM
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While Nichols performed well today, most fans are overlooking a few facts in their excitement on Nichols.

1. A bit of luck factored into the TD throw to Stamps. 2 Als collided with each other with no one blocking them, otherwise he would have been sacked.

2. Montreal defence laid back after getting a comfortable lead. They really were relaxed and possibly didn't care as much as a real game.

3. AC got over confident after passing at will in the 1st half.

4. Starting a QB is a lot different than coming in relief with nothing to lose.

This is not to detract from the great performance in less than a quarter almost getting the team back on even terms. Who knows he could have pulled out a win though.

Reed is old school as most coaches. He plays the odds in his favour by having a veteran start. He didn't say how long his leash is but I imagine it to be pretty short for the Calgary game so don't get too upset.

I can see his reasoning though I don't agree with it. Joseph should have been pulled at least in the start of the 2nd half. I am tired of this overly conservative approach to the offence.

Play to win instead and take a few chances. Recognize the inefficiencies early and adjust. Continuing to have your QB drop straight back is not confusing the defence. It took an injury to Joseph to get Nichols in. How dumb is that? Luckily he didn't put jyles in though.

Coach Reed: The fans are really upset at the Quarterbacking this year. Start Nichols and if you fail you will be forgiven. Have Joseph come out with a loss then everyone will want you fired.

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