Thread: Confirmed with Link: Andrei Markov signs for Vityaz Chekhov (KHL)
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10-28-2012, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
I doubt Markov was on the "hit" list early in his career. It's possible he flew under the radar but as time moved on and he proved his importance he did become a defenseless target. Show me another d-man who has suffered numerous injuries like Markov? Deny me that sometimes when he's been hit it's looked like he was shot by a cannon?

Edited to, yea being an impact in a Stanley playoff run would sure help. Isn't that the idea?
Everybody is on the ''hit'' list of opponents. Sure, maybe he wasn't the primary target of opponents early on, but he still got hit, and have been absorbing hits since being a young teenager.

As for other injured players, Salo, Kasparitis, Wisniewski, Colaiacovo, Schneider, all come to mind pretty easily without even thinking, were/are all of them not able to take in a hit?

Don't know what you're talking about him looking like he got shot by a cannon after getting hit. I don't recall Markov getting flattened all that many times, maybe a few times which is expected in every NHLer's career. The only time I remember him really dropping is when he got injured, and that's kind of normal seeing how injuries tend to hurt.

As for his performance in the POs, it doesn't take anything away from his skill set. Not showing up for the POs can raise the question of character, not skills.
I personally don't think he's been bad in the POs, like Plekanec, a lot of things he did just go unnoticed.

Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post

Nobody ever said he faked structural damage. But I remember some speculation by his own fans that he came back too early from the first ACL surgery. You can't have it both ways.

In no way am accusing Markov of faking structural damage. No way.
Fans questioned whether or not he came back too early after he got injured. Fans don't get the medical reports, nor are we doctors that evaluate Markov.
If Markov is cleared by the medical staff, then he's good to go.

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