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10-28-2012, 10:01 PM
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They're getting readings of 13 foot waves already at the 15 mile buoy outside NY harbor. Ponder that.

Originally Posted by Mr.Krinkle View Post
Point Pleasant banning booze sales past 10 pm tonight through Wednesday

Glad I stocked up 2 days ago!
WTH is the reason? Point Pleasant my azz, sounds like Point Stalingrad. Gimme my drink, ******.

Originally Posted by Rockie View Post
Child, please. Regardless of how much TP you may have, it will never be a stockpile.

At least, not compared to this.
lol. I was going to ask if Saugus was an extreme couponer.

Originally Posted by Cowbell232 View Post
Basically every school is closed, which is shocking.

Kean, Seaton Hall, Rutgers, MSU...

Also, all mass transportation from DC to NY is closed. MTA, NJT, PATH, SEPTA, DC Metro, Amtrak... Scary stuff when they ALL close...
Christie recommended all the schools close earlier today.

Originally Posted by Jersey Man View Post
MTA is down. Stuck in Queens unless I want to take a cab which I refuse to do.

Bring it on Sandy.
I left the cushy comforts of the UWS to be with the gf in the boonies. If we lose power for days, she better appreciate it. The hurricane parties at the bars will be fun.

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