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10-28-2012, 10:03 PM
1st place WTF?
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1) They seem to be very very butt hurt from the last CBA. So instead of trying to get a CBA they want to WIN and show the big bad owners they aren't going to take it.

2) They keep opening their mouths and looking like fools.

3) They are trying to dictate to billionaires how a business should be run and have in general thrown out horrible proposals one of which they couldn't even bother to run the numbers on.

4) And the biggest problem they hired Donald Fehr the man who ruined baseball for me. I am a fan of a small market team and have no desire to be the Pirates or Royals of the NHL (Panthers have been that already through mis-management)

Everyone on the players side *****ing about the owners first proposal; the only reason they did that was to show the players how bad the previous deal was for the owners. Basically you think the last deal was so great here you have our part of the pie and we will have your's. Didn't take the players long to reject that did it?

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