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10-28-2012, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
The bias on these boards is ludicrous and downright embarrassing. I have had conversations with other hab fans in person and the ones that parrot the same gauthier hatred can't give even a half decent reason as to why. Really makes us look bad as a whole.
See, the supposed biased opinions has to start from somewhere. So which is it? He injured people on this board with his car? He's ugly hence we judge with how beautiful people are? Which is it? You think that if he would have build a tremendous team, we would have found out a way to blame him? He gives us a cup and we as a whole would have bashed him? And if the answer is yet as far as you're concerned, which makes no sense, but let's pretend it is, I can tell you, again, that "us" do not look bad. I've read the Bruins board once in a while, and the year before, during and after the Cup most of them have maybe fired Chiarelli and Julien 5 times a year. And there are other examples.

But half decent reason why? Well how about.....his trade record isn't in the win column? His overall work has not made us a better team? His last year at work was probably one of the worst improvisation job since the Houle days.

At best, the bias opinions aren't AGAINST Gauthier. They were FOR Gainey 'cause of the legend he was. And that, I will agree with you. I didn't like Gainey's job either. I'm able to separate player from the administration. Some can't. Loved Carbonneau as a player, he was actually a model to me when I was playing. My nickname was Little Carbo. Yet, I hated him as a coach. Loved Lafleur as a player, top 3 that I've seen in my lifetime, yet....he's not the greatest at analysing the game to say the least. I can totally live without his opinions as this is not what made him the legend he is today and son on.

Gainey wasn't good enough. Gauthier wasn't good enough. Yet, they both made good moves. But not enough. Time to move on. And I prefer this new teamwork philosophy where everything doesn't seem to be neglected compared to the one-man show that Gauthier seems to love running. That's my type of administration. Yet, if we would have won the Cup, I wouldn't care about his type. But losing and handling a team the way he did....sorry but what's to love aside from 2, 3 or even a few more good moves. We could go on for every GM, bad to worst, and still find 2 or 3 good moves. Or maybe even more. Doesn't make them valuable hence they all lost their job one day or the other.

Originally Posted by bud12 View Post
yeah, but you also need some sandpaper and with Hagel and Sortini out, I think its not the way to go....
Sorry, but a tough guy who doesn't play tough is not exactly the way to go either. Find with truculence and fighting, but found the guys who do. Not the ones who pretend doing it. And sorry, but even the names aren't scary enough to just be in the lineup. Nobody is afraid of Stortini or nobody else. So maybe and surely we should have added some toughness, but not what it looks like it now. And it can't be detrimental to the development either. We are not the Chicago Wolves. Or even the Heat. I mean, it was funny to hear Pedneault and Langevin today saying that the Habs and Flames don,t share the same philosophy as the Heat having more vets and all....euh.....hello? Not about's about the Flames sucking at drafting......and having to fill a lineup.

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