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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
I like the guys who post here that they hope the league dissolves... but they still show up on HF to follow and comment on the negotiations every day. If you really don't care that much about the NHL anymore, why are you still here?

So i'd imagine that even the OP doesn't truly want the league to dissolve. And if anyone truly does, they simply haven't thought about what it would mean. None of the current owners would want any part of a new league, meaning that league would definitely have a lot of second rate ownerships and obviously second rate arenas and hockey. People think the KHL is some sort of competition to the NHL right now, have you watched the games that are broadcast? it's nowhere near the level of the NHL, and any new NA league would be even worse than that. I'd say a new NA league would also fold within 15 years. The only reason the NHL can survive two lockouts is because of the 100 years of prior history, it's the NHL brand that keeps it alive. The same league with any other brand would have died after the first lockout.
the NHL is approaching its 100th about five years....but it will be around?....

i hope so...

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