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Originally Posted by iPunch View Post
You know... after a few of these threads, you start noticing a pattern. The voting in the poll is always a landslide in favor of Burke, yet the posts seem as if it's a 50/50 split. You begin to notice that it's the same few people arguing against him every single time. The people making pro Burke remarks and the level of detail they go into is the only real difference.

In my opinion, I think the general feeling in Leafs Nation is that while people had hoped for quicker results, they realize that things are moving ahead in the right direction.
A current argument by Burke supporters is that JFJ left him with a shambles of a team.

Well, I've been looking at this thread about JFJ from 2007. His last season.

The thread is REMARKABLY similar to this thread.
There's many people who accepted the facts and are utterly opposed to JFJ... and then there's those that spun and manipulated the facts in pathetic efforts to defend JFJ.

I honestly think everyone here should read that thread for perspective.

There seems to be an inability to rationally assess current GM's. But once the GM is fired, he's immediately made into a scapegoat for the next GM.

It's a VERY obvious trend that leaf nation has been doing.

Instead of following this trend, we should assess our GM's with facts, not spin.

Once you assess both JFJ and Burke with FACTS, you can see that they were/are terrible.
It's easy to use spin to defend factually terrible GM's. These two threads are proof of that.
But I have to say, it is very frustrating for the rational fans that assess our GM's based on facts and statistics as opposed to spin.

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