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10-28-2012, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Howboutthempanthers View Post
Why would you want some new league to come up? What, you think some new league is going to be perfect unlike everything else in all of existance? People overreact to a problem and it just goes into armageddon.
This type of mentality is why we still have serious problems in our society. Because you can't imagine it, it means it's not possible. Continue to put up with the status quo even though the status quo needs an overhaul. What a weak way to look at things.

Lastly, I'm not angry or frustrated. I personally don't care for the owners or players. They're both is Bettman. I follow all sports so I don't miss the NHL right now. If the season is lost....and we go into next year with a lockout it may be the best time to see changes made to pro hockey as we know it. I would love to see a 20 team league in 20 good hockey markets. A new commish, new rules, etc... if that ends up being the NHL then so be it...if not...I'd rather see the NHL fall and see a new league.

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