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10-28-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Huge for Nuge View Post
Okay, I am bored. Let's rank the cheap beers available.

There are, in no order, bud light, keystone, coors, natty light, miller light...I cant think of any others.

In my opinion:
  1. Coors
  2. Bud light
  3. keystone
  4. miller
  5. natty

Now, if I am drinking to get smashed and need a cheaper beer, I will choose Yuengling, which is a phenomenal "cheap" beer. It's the largest American brew, but it tastes pretty good. I would say you can get a 12 pack of bottles for like 10 bucks or 24 pack of cans for 18 bucks. I am in Texas, and they dont have Yuengling here for some reason, but if you go anywhere on the east coast, you should try it.

I just realized you guys all probably drink molson or labatt...
I agree with you about the coors, I love them old yellow bellies. Here in Canada thogh for cheap beer its got to be lucky for me, or Pilsner depending on your definition of cheap.

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