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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
Thanks. Makes sense if the epicentre is below the 49th parallel (which I guess is where it'll probably be).

Looks like sea levels could rise by a good meter and a half at some instances 'round here.
Thats not how subduction zone events work. Its not an epicenter, the whole 1000 km slips roughly 35 m .... one side lifts and the other falls, so the areas that would get plastered in particular are Victoria, and all of the Oregon coast. the way to imagine it is a wave coming up to say 50 ft high (but say a thousand feet wide bringing an incredible amount of water in) engulfs everything for a 1000 km.

The average reoccurance fromt he last souorc i saw says an average of about 450-500 years, but as little as 300 and as much as 850 year. The last occured IIRM on Jan 28 1700, so we are now in the possible zone, but the longer between events the larger the event (like the more you stretch a rubber band, the the greater the tension when it releases ...)

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