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10-28-2012, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yeah, I think theres a few too many over reactions here about it. Theres a lot more that goes on in a football week and all kinds of gamemanship.

A lot changes and a lot has. Wouldn't be the first time either that what Reed says and what happens in terms of personnel on game day don't match. Anybody following the RB three headed monster would know this.

Even today, Reed on TV at the half saying they're going to get Boyd going in the second half and they're going with him.

It was pure BS and possibly intended for whatever Al's personnel were listening to the telecast. Boyd got one carry, a decent one, 6yds, then they threw Messam back in.

What Reed says isn't neccessarily what occurs.
You're giving Reed way too much credit here. While it's a nice thought that maybe crafty 'ol Kavis is trying to keep the Stamps off guard with some misdirection through the media, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that's the case.

You really think saying "we're getting Boyd going" for the 2nd half was a clever ploy to fool Al's personnel (it was a meaningless game for them, I rather doubt they were paying attention anyway)? I think it was just one of many baseless comments made by a coach with no ability to manage personnel, no sense of in-game adjustments, and no control over the plays his ******** underling co-ordinator is calling.

Look at Cerebral's post above. The "We went with Nicholls for a change of pace" comment is classic. I guess you decided that after 110 minutes of awful production from Joseph it was finally time for a change of pace? These are the words of an incompetent, confused boob if I ever saw them.

Hey, Reed had me fooled. Had me fooled really good. I thought he was a great coach, and we would really take the next step after Crandell was fired, which I assumed was just a formality after the disastrous end to last season. This season, especially from Labour Day onward, has been a real eye-opener. We've had Maciocia level coaching for most of this season. It can only be described as an unmitigated disaster. I literally cannot think of a way this coaching staff could have done a worse job. The fact that Marcus Crandell is still on this staff is just mind-blowing.

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