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10-29-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I've spent this football season trying to be positive as possible. Overall I just want to see playoffs, however we get there.

In anycase people will remember I started getting after Reed when he started throwing Burnett under the bus. Didn't much like that and Reed sometimes doesn't know when to stop and think about his own responsibility in real time. It was his fault Burnett was running the ball out, we both said it at the time, and Kavis later admitted it. Which makes his antics look pretty stupid.
Plus that a guy that keeps mouthing off about team responsibility, not making stupid plays, not reacting, does plenty of it himself on the sideline. Which leads to a do what I say not what I do disconnect. You have to walk the walk. Be the class act you want your players to be.

Reed is kind of a fire and brimstone locker motivational speaker. Guy has a role, and I think he knows D good, And I think he evaluates personnel OK. Where he fails is in using and trusting those personnel. Seems to second guess himself a lot. All the rookie coach stuff is happening this year.

I'd give him another year to see what he's really made of and if he's learning on the job.
I agree, and it's very problematic. How often do you see a coach regress from year one to two? There have simply been too many losses where coaching was the #1 culprit this year. If he'd fired Crandell mid-season I'd have some faith that he was going to turn things around, but his total inaction in allowing his buddy to neuter the offense with awful playcalling and player management is unforgivable. The only way this organization can justify Reed keeping his job is if we win on Friday and then head into Calgary and knock them off in the semi-final. Anything less, and he simply has to go.

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