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10-29-2012, 01:47 AM
Connor McDevil
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Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
Thursday morning I am positive you will make it. Mine is Tuesday afternoon, now THAT will probably be canceled. I tried to change my ticket but the airlines are basically just blocking callers out.
Originally Posted by manilaNJ View Post
My office doesn't like to close for anything and my boss called me at noon to cancel work since there'd be no transportation whatsoever. Basically indicated that he'd try and make us go in if there were any forms of mass transit still running

Poorly. Very poorly. Expect a poorly contained sideshow.
Basically a week's worth of cancellations and everyone's going to want those first flights out/in.

Get there early. Pay attention because your gate will be moved. Several times.
Expect several delays as most airports started flying planes out inland instead of keeping them grounded.
And expect to sit on the runway for at least an hour as everyone tries to figure out the traffic situation.

Not to get you into panic mode, but most airports can barely handle the fallout from rain delays.
At the very least, you can prepare for the worst.
Thanks guys I planned on getting to the airport around 3am anyway... think thats early enough ?

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