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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
But the Russian NT did NOT play together year round! Just two examples: in the 1972 series, the famous Kharlamov-Petrov-Mikhailov line did not play one minute together. In the 1987 series one line was from Dynamo, one from the Soviet Wings, and two from CSKA. Yes, the clubs practiced for 11 months together, but the NT was far from being a "machine": composed from different players from different clubs with different systems.

I believe the following players squarely belong on the Top 70 list:

Makarov (in the Top 10, the best player Russia ever produced)
Datsyuk (personal stats be damned, just look at him when he's on the ice)
Larionov (I value longevity, versatility, and hockey sense)

10 out of 70 is a minimum for Russian players, possibly more. Every game of every Soviet / Russian team (NT and clubs) against Canada / NHL (NT and clubs) was a close contest (other than Vancouver, of course), how can you give Russia less than 1/7 of the spots on the list? Realistically these #s would be like 20/35 (with 15 going to other hockey nations), but, of course, Canada gets an edge with all pre-1960 players.

Btw, somebody mentioned Firsov's numbers.

How are these numbers bad?
Honestly the teams that Canada, US, Sweden, Finland ect were sending to the WC in the 60's were made up of teams that on aggregate might have been able to compete with some AHL teams at the time and that's only in some cases.

Even in the 70's when we had some best on best tourney's there was a clear drop off from the top 3 teams and the others and don't even get me started about the German teams at the time.

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