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10-29-2012, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Molseed View Post
The Cowboys pretty much equal the Redskins in terms of mediocrity the last 15 years. Simply said, each team finds ways to lose.

Today it was dropped balls. More evidence that no matter how good Griffin is, and he wasn't that spectacular today, this team still needs lots and lots of help. Today was one of those games that shows a team with a decent defense can contain Griffin to a point. Someone else said the same thing but each game he plays, defenses will adapt more to stopping him, especially with few other real playmakers around him.

Unfortunately with the cap penalty next year and limited draft picks, there's not going to be a lot added to make things better, even if people want to keep pretending this is some kind of massive rebuild. This offseason the big free agent haul was wide receivers. Well next time let's get some that can catch. Shanahan's drafts have been ok, but his free agent pickups have been mostly swings and misses.

Nice to see Shanahan losing his cool again and barking & raging at the refs most of the fourth quarter, just like in St. Louis. And just like in that game, one of his players follows his example and acts like an idiot. Sure Mike, it's all the refs. Nice to see the guys showing some professional pride.

First off, where is this idea we're so short on draft picks next year? We either have the amount we should have, or more, by draft picks per round. We're only missing our 1st, albeit its a big missing but its not as if we've traded EVERYTHING.

Second, Griff had a fine game. If not a very good game, but when your receivers drop 10 balls and potentially 2 touchdowns, no one's gonna look good.

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