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10-29-2012, 02:24 AM
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A couple of notes on the game tonight.....

Why does Reed gamble on 3rd and 5 with an entire quarter yet to be played? That loss of field position may well have cost a field goal which ended up being the difference in the game. This isn't revisionist either...I thought it was very questionable when the decision was made.

Why is it that Reed has talked on and on about the importance of a run game and yet we watch the team abandon the run game week after week?
It happened again tonight.

Why is Boyd on this team again? They clearly have no intent of using him so why bring him back?

Now on to Nichols...despite the incredibly lucky play on the Stamps TD he looked better than I thought was possible. Small sample size to be sure but he made the most of every down which was a far cry from what Joseph did. Here's hoping that Reed has the sense to say he's starting Jospeh next week and then gives him a very very short leash and goes to Nichols. Takes the heat of of Nichols a bit and it complicates Calgarys prep work.

Ultimately Reed has to start making better game decisions because he has cost this team a few games with his lack of experience. He can start by giving Nichols at least 3+ quarters of work next week.

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