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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
When Levit was announcing the leagues levit losses, much to the chagrin of many of us who argued that you cant look at the leagues losses as a whole because there is such revenue disparity and a cap will only worsen that, the leagues overall profitability was claimed to be $200 mil loss a year. Those URO's now allegedly show that flipped to over $200 mil profit a year overall even after accounting for all the teams losing money.

Why is the last cba no longer working? Because some big revenue teams are making too much money causing havoc on all the teams not growing at that pace because of linkage.
Danishh's point was that the numbers were sliding down. He made the point that the first year post lockout was the most profitable on a percentage basis. There is an additional indication as this past year saw less dollars committed towards the cap (not so many teams bumping cap). These and other points* are indicators for the owners seeing things getting worse.

It isn't just the big teams making too much although thinking that they earned their profits because of their markets is discouraging. They got a huge windfall from the last CBA at the expense of lesser teams and at the very least should be giving some of it back.

I am solidly on middle ground as others will attest. I have proposed original solutions to that which is at issue. I am interested in the underlying motivations of each side and look at the comments of both sides as indicators of their real issues. I am appalled at the antipathy of both sides because they are doing damage to each other and the game as a whole and they are preventing each other from finding solutions that would be more productive in the long run. You can call me a supporter of a "healthy 30".

I wasn't taking shots at players' intelligence with the financial documents. Probably beyond my intelligence as well. The amount of paper is just too overwhelming for almost anyone.

*Fuel costs rising faster than NHL revs. Same for electricity. Insurance? Health care?

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