Thread: Great Britain: EPIHL and NIHL discussion thread
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10-29-2012, 05:49 AM
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Went to watch Nottingham Lions vs Sheffield Senators last night. Fantastically feisty game, some great goals and a few fights to boot.

Comedy moment of the night was the Sens #7 (Gray) turtling under Simon Hunt and then peeking out from under his mitts to check the bad man had gone.

Must say that I don't usually comment too much on the performance of officials and then usually it is negative but fair play to Dunn, he did well last night. Considering the match up and its potential to get a little heated I can't help but think the EIHA dropped the ball by only assigning a single official. Of course may be he was all that was available but Dunn really could have used some support.

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