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10-29-2012, 06:19 AM
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What do you do in power skating classes? I have been meaning to start going to those. It's mostly kids with a handful of adults at the classes, I've been told.

The rinks site says its not a learn to skate class, the rink manager said I'd be fine at the classes, but it really depends upon how well they expect me to do things.

I'm pretty good on going counterclockwise...three years of short track taught me to turn left and stop that way really well. Going the other direction, backwards, tight turns...not so much. I know I'm getting better but I also know I could get better faster with some more serious guidance.

Also, there are lots of things I can get during drills, but then during games it all goes out the window. I assume that a lot of it is muscle memory, and once I stop having to think about certain things, they'll be natural enough that I do them in games.

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