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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
No joke. Yeah, a floundering team with a cheapskate owner that hired a backup goalie to be the GM, President and head scout and so on, that gave 15 years to a guy whose knees couldn't hold up for the first five years he played, a team that refused to compete in UFA season but always opted to get first line talent from 1995 to play 3rd and 4th line seasons in 2005 (to present)......yeah, that team would do soooo much better if they had nicer restrooms and eateries
Many of Wang's decions early on had little to do with finances. Mostly had to do with lunacy...keeping Milbury as a GM way longer than anyone else, firing Billy Jaffe, alienating many of the alumni, firing Laviolette, firing Nolan, the Neil Smith debacle, hiring Snow. Then there were the financially motivated decisions that have hurt the team...Yashin's contract, DiPietro's contract, the UFA's who wouldn't sign here because of the team's uncertain future past 2015 (and the lack of playoff success since 1993), our current bargain-basement coach (because what coach with any type of credentials would want to work here right now). I'm sure there are other things I failed to mention.

Theses instances helped to continue a losing legacy that created the apathy that surrounded the Isles since the mid-1990s. An apathy so great that I believe it caused the 10% of the registered voters who voted in the arena referendum to defeat it 57-43 (pay for a new arena for the Islanders??? They stink!!!). Shortsighted on their part but I can understand the motivation.

The team folds in ten years I bet. Pricey tickets in Ranger country with Snow and Wang running cheapskate ops locked into a 25 year deal with no revenue outside a chunk of box seats and 41 dates at lowest seat totals in the NHL....what could possibly go wrong?

I wouldn't go that far. Yet.

If the Isles hit the ground running in Brooklyn I can see them becoming successful quickly and creating a new fan base to replace those who don't want to make the trip in from Nassau and Suffolk. Even in "Rangers country".

But Charles Wang still owns the Islanders right now, and I question his decision making processes when it comes to running this team.

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