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Originally Posted by Acallabeth View Post
Nobody says Crosby's bad.

OK, we can look at it from the other point:
2005-6 - Ovechkin wins the Calder over Crosby.
2006-7 - Obviously a better year from Crosby: Art Ross, Hart, Pearson.
2007-8 - Ovechkin's answer: Art Ross, Hart, Pearson + Richard.
2008-9 - Both outscored by Malkin, but AO wins Hart, Pearson, Richard again. Playoff showdown is won by the Pens, but Ovy and Sid were probably equal (AO was the leading scorer, however). The Pens win the Cup.
2009-10 - Both outscored by Henrik and even tied in points (Ovechkin missed 10 games, but he's to blame mostly. Also a crazy +45). Ovechkin wins Lindsay.

We can say whatever we want, but Crosby only outplayed Ovechkin in one of their 1st 5 years. I think AO is by a little, but clearly ahead.

My post is indeed an opinion, but to say Ovechkin was never on Crosby's level is just silly.
And some guys even mention Stamkos...
I totally agree that saying Ovechkin wasn't on Crosby's level is silly, because he definitely was. I just don't think much, if anything, separated them during their first five seasons, but of course that's just my opinion. And as for the people bringing up Stamkos, just ignore it. I love Stamkos, but everyone who has watched hockey for longer than a year or two will know and remember that Ovechkin's first four seasons were easily better than Stamkos' first four.

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