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10-29-2012, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by e46330ivs View Post
Yeah but thats a big waste of money the gains you get from the turbo compared to what you already get from $250.00 on the pulley n ecm arent worth the headaches of a turbo setup, the block can handle the power but im not sure the rest of the car can.
Well, when you pull on a smaller pulley setup, depending on the size, you need to do supporting mods like at least a downpipe+intake, but usually, headers, intake, catback, etc, is preferred, especially if you wanna run the smallest pulley possible without blowing your engine and maximizing power.

If by rest of the can, you mean transmission, then yeah.. you'll have to bulk up the tranny, which you can get parts for cheap online, as well as suspension, etc.

Considering the price of a Regal is so damn cheap to begin with, it's a pretty interesting 'sleeper' car to build up, because no one is really expecting it to go fast..

P.S I have ZERO tickets, and have been driving it since 2008. Zero speeding tickets, and pulled over zero times, which for me.. is insanity, I'd say. It's gotta be the car.. lol

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