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10-29-2012, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
Eli was off, the receivers were dropping catchable balls all game, and the running game was getting nowhere but they insisted on running it. Our offensive coordinator is an idiot, I often get the impression that the Giants win in spite of him.

Combine that with the defensive coordinator's idiotic zone scheme, his absolute refusal to put press coverage on Witten, and our suspect secondary, and the Giants could barely stop freaking Romo from marching down the field.
Gilbride is ass as an OC

He settles for FGs wayyyyy too much. that direct snap on a 3rd and 5? thank god Dez wasn't making a fist with that other hand, or else the loss would be on him for his atrocious, predictable play calling( Execution wasn't there either).

Example in our last offensive drive we havent run the ball well all game Bradshaw gets two nice little runs, goes back to the run gets stuffed. OK I dont mind that. But then he runs the ball again gets stuffed again. Now we face a 3rd and long with the Cowboys pass rush deep in our own part of the field. We punt back and are an inch away from losing.

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