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Originally Posted by Fenway View Post
The Wings need to be close to Windsor Transit - how many STH's are from Ontario? The Wings unlike Buffalo have never said.

JLA needs to be replaced - it is a clone of the Hartford Civic Center.

I wish I had seen a game at Olympia but at least I saw it inside but I had to take a swine flu shot in 1976 to do so. Olympia was very similar to Boston Garden and even shared the same scoreboard.

1. Not many STH are from Ontario... I am a STH and have had many convos with Patrick Ducharme, Bob Proberts attorney (sits next to me)...Surprisingly, only 4-5% of STH are from Ontario. Of the 4-5%, majority of them have business in Detroit and stay on this side of the boarder..

2. The Wings are as close to Winsdor as they can get, lodged between the tunnel and bridge...Only option left is to build on Belle Isle...Then all you canadians can swim over to watch hockey

3. JLA is a classic hockey building. For those that go to hockey games for the arena, and or for a short bathroom line, arent there for hockey. JLA is one of the best places to watch hockey. Run down, yes, but so is Wrigley Field... And dont you hate on the Hartford Civic Center, home of the best Goal Horn ever...

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