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10-29-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by vBurmi View Post
I'm disappointed the Google event was canceled. I was really looking forward to seeing the new Nexus 10.

The pricing is pretty terrible. $20 for purchase or $5 to rent? My local video store - some still exist - does rentals for half that. I thought the whole point of streaming services was to be cheaper and more convenient, not just the latter.
So, same pricing as Apple iTunes, then.

I have to laugh at the movie industry. VHS tapes found their niche at $15. DVDs sit at $20-25. Blu-rays are $25-40. Downloads are $20. It seems like the less hassle there is to produce and distribute, the higher their profit margins, but who the hell would spend $20 to "own" the right to download when it is all available for free? They've really wrecked their business by not lowering their prices to encourage more purchasing. I know when Blockbuster and Rogers Video went under, I quit purchasing, cold turkey, save for the 4-5 Blu-rays per year I must own. There's no compulsion to own a collection of downloads at $20 apiece.

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