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10-29-2012, 10:33 AM
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I would like to see this happens with every magor sports league in America and then two league would emerge from every sports. The diversity of content would be awesome. Those that feel that the NFL was always too strict, well there would be an alternative with as good players. Those that liked more physical players in hockey would have their league, while the other hockey league would be more strict and it would have a more european feel.

But as far as the NHL right now, it's an incredibly flawed model without a big TV deal, the players are making too much from a league bleeding money. I don't know if it's the league that should be folded or just find a way to completly reconstruct their deals with the players, maybe even stop considering the union at all and don't sign any CBAs, wait each year in the fall and watch wich players cross the line. And you offer this:

Once you become a NHL player, you make 350 thousand per year salary. Nothing more, nothing less. That's every players. And this will never change. And if you reach certain plateaus, then you get big bonuses. Say a guy would score 50 goals one season, he could get something like 5 million. I think that would be pretty damn fair. And at the same time, the business is healthy. But some franchises would have to disolved first so there's no weak link to the new system.

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