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10-29-2012, 10:36 AM
Psycho Dad
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Tomorrow is Galaxy Note 2 launch day in Canada. And I have no idea whether preorders are sold out, if there are going to be units available tomorrow morning, if there will be lineups...

I was at West Edmonton Mall on Saturday and there was a pretty big buzz around the Microsoft Surface kiosk, so it's nice to see non-Apple products getting some love. Mind you, there were plenty of teenage nerds walking by and shouting "iPad, iPad!" at them, which I thought rather pathetic.

One thing I find funny in Edmonton is that, outside of Apple Stores, you really can't find a demo model of a newly released phone. Just the dummy models. Maybe one or two Galaxy S models at a Best Buy. But they want you to buy most new phones sight-unseen. Really hoping Samsung gets the inshore demos going.

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