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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Only Edmonton, NYI and Columbus have recorded less points and wins than Leafs during Burke's tenure as GM.

Burke's struggles as GM has forced Leaf Nation Fans to endure lots of losing seasons and longer non-playoff consecutive seasons than we have throughout our long storied history of the franchise. Even to the point, where Leafs were named the worst team in professional sports this past season, and the worst team in the NHL 4 consecutive years in a ESPN yearly ranking under Burke's tenure.

However all is not lost, as Burke's pain is Leaf Nations gain as the rewards to the Fan base is an improved prospect pool as the NHL hands out draft picks in reverse order of finish, to award struggling franchises with pieces like Morgan Rielly for the future.

This franchise desperately needs young elite talent to build a future core, so this pain and suffering is a means to an ends if Leaf scouts do their jobs well and make the right decisions at the draft table.

As long as he has learned his lesson and doesn't attempt to fast track things by trading away Top Picks/Prospects.

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