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10-29-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
It did, for a while. Otherwise he wouldn't have lasted 5 seasons, since that's basically all that happened during his rain.

#1 reason: Burke's reluctance to fire his buddy like 2 years ago. Run and gun just doesn't fly in today's NHL. Just ask Bryzgalov. Your team also needs to be able to kill more than one out of every 2 penalty, otherwise whatever grit you have will be holding back a lot more to avoid putting the team down a man. Burke's provided plenty of special teams players over his tenure, Ronnie just didn't know what to do with them.

He's also underestimated how difficult it'd be to obtain key pieces (skilled grit, Sundin's replacement, and a decent goalie) of the puzzle with other GMs tossing around ******** cap circumventing retirement deals left and right. I'm glad he didn't get caught up in that flow, otherwise, our cap situation may be screwed for a whole generation.

20/20 hindsight, obviously. The team looked a lot better on paper than their performance indicated. Even with as much stink they generated that season, though, had we had even an average PK, we probably would have finished out of lottery position.

Do you believe Seguin would have been an All-Star already in a Leafs uniform with Bozak and Crabb on his line? I think not. The kid is surrounded by a Stanley Cup team with ridiculous depth. At this stage, Seguin is just another good player on a very good team. Kessel on the other hand is an elite scorer, who still manages to put points up while getting double teamed on most nights.

That's the problem. For a lot of people, rebuild automatically means tanking for X years for #1 picks. Burke's been acquiring the pieces he can (at a price he thinks reasonable) when they become available. Whatever he doesn't think he'll be able to get from trades / UFA, he's been drafting or getting in form of prospects. This would mostly include big bodies who can actually play the game. If they have some grit, even better. The Marlies are contenders, and a lot of the kids who helped them there are getting ready to make their contributions to the big club.

I don't mind the Liles signing, as I believe he'll play an important part in Gardiner's and Blacker's development, but the Grabo signing bugs me, too. Regardless, thanks to Burke not handcuffing himself with retirement contracts, our cap space is looking real good. Depending on how the new CBA pans out, I think Burke will be ready to make a serious run at some impact players on some cap handicapped teams.

Two more seasons sounds about right to see his management starting to bear some fruit. Yes, yes, I know, he wasn't interested in a 5-year rebuild plan, but alas, here we are.
Lol....lots of comments that do not make sense.

If we drafted Seguin why do you think he would be playing with Bozak and Crabb as his line mates?

Also who was the leading scorer on Boston last year? Seguin was he was not a by product of great players but was the great player on the team. He is a better player than Kessel now (and he is 19 years old )at least in my opinion as he plays a two way game.

Just who did Burke provide to Ron that would have help his PK? A goalie would have helped the PK.....bad goaltending = bad PK.

I hate the Liles signing as we now have a player who is redundant as Gardiner can take over his role and produce better all the while. We should trade him at this season trade dead line, for what ever we can get for him.

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