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Originally Posted by Krazy View Post
First Round Picks Burke has added:

1.) Komisarek (7th)
2.) Gigurere (13th)
3.) Phaneuf (8th)
4.) Armstrong (20th) ?????
5.) Lupul (7th)
6.) Gardiner (17th)
7.) Colborne (16th)
8.) Ashton (25th)
9.) Kadri (7th)
10.) Biggs (22)
11.) Percy (25th)
12.) Reilly.
13.) Kessel (5th)
14.) JVR (2nd)
15.) Connolly

1st round picks burke has traded
1.) Seguin (2nd)
2.) Schenn (5th)
3.) Hamilton (9th)
4.)Tlusty (13th).

In less than 4 years burke has added 10 more first rounders than he has traded.

In the added group we have:
A top 6 scorer in the league and 2 time allstar.
A top pairing defenseman, all star and Norris Candidate
2 established top 6 wingers.
An all rookie team defenseman
who are currently in their prime.

We also have 2 powerforward prospects (biggs and ashton) 2 top 6 forward prospects (Kadri and Colborne), a top pairing defense prospect and at least a top 6 potential player in Percy.

Komi, Giguere, Armstrong Havent worked out the way we planned but that happens in every team draft.

In return he gave up picks that turned into Seguin a 60 point player 1x allstar with room to improve, and a top rank defenseman prospect, and a potential top 4 shutdown d, and a 3rd liner.

Burke has made his team in its prime much better, through draft and prospects. If they just drafted straight up,

Seguin has to beat: Kessel, JVR, Lupul
Hamilton and Schenn has to beat: Gardiner, Percy, Phaneuf
Tlusty Has to beat: Colborne, Kadri, Biggs, Ashton,

Who would you rather build your team around

Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Phaneuf, Gardiner,Colborne, Biggs, Ashton, Percy
Or Seguin, Hamilton, Schenn Tlusty???

And thats giving a big benefit of the doubt that without Burkes trades, the entire 2 years would have turned out exactly the same....
You do realize that Burke allowed JSG to walk away for nothing. He also is still paying Armstrong to play for the Habs.

You have a nice twist on is mine:

I would rather have Seguin, Hamilton. Knight, Schenn, and Aulie.
Over Kessel, JVR and Ashton. My twist is that 3 trades do not happen.....yours?

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