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Originally Posted by MNman View Post
The only ppl who like HUT fall into one of two categories:

1. Rich valley kids who use Daddy's credit card to buy a good team.

2. Players who just collect enough to get the certain players they want and play mostly CPU games

I absolutely loved the idea of HUT when it came out, but it has always frustrated me beyond belief that I have given up on it completely now.

Best recommendation I can give: buy contracts from the trading section rather than buying a bronze pack for contracts. Spending 600 pucks in the trading section can get you more contracts per puck, since you should be able to find single-digit game contracts for the minimum at any given time.

Me personally, I would shop around the cheapest 20-25 game contracts. They have about 3x as many games as the single digit ones, but don't cost 3x more.
Well, yeah. Seems like most people just buy their way to fortuness in HUT. But I can't help it, I do enjoy kicking their ass, while only using mid 70's players.

I saved up for another 5000 pucks to spend on a goldpack. Got nothing. Most people recommend to go grazy in the trading section, but you can't really go crazy in there with 200 pucks and players who, if you are lucky, go for 150-200 pucks. Most valuable player I got is Galchenyuk, but Ive been trying to sell/trade him for lower amount of pucks than anyone else, but no one really wants him.

I got 48 players in total. Mostly 60-70-ovr, but my lines are pretty much filled up with lower 80's. The problem is that their value is about 0.

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