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10-29-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Predaleafs View Post
As much as i respect anyone who is willing to fight for freedom and liberation and human rights and everytime i run into someone in the military always show some kind of gratitude for their mass amounts of courage to risk their lifes for whats right, this sayin has never made any sense. We should never cheer for war, we should never be happy war is upon.
That saying doesn't cheer for war, it admonishes those who do not support the troops. One can disagree with the conflict (whichever one) but can still support the people who serve and the saying points out that, if you cannot do that, you should feel free to take their place. It has nothing to do with cheering for war.

I dont stand behind our troops, i stand behind the message that right is right and everyone deserves to be equal, whether you be a homosexual,woman,man from Canada or Iraq, born with a tail or deformity, we are all one.
I guess you don't realize that the only reason you are free to express your views is because people served?

But i will never stand behind the message that going to war is right.
Then you are unbelievably ignorant. Not all wars are just but some are so you cannot make absolutist statements like yours. WW II was a just war and its goals could not have been achieved through any other means. Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right.

This message is saying the only options you have include war, which is some cases isnt always true.
Not always, no. But in many cases it is.

I support what our troops fight for, but i dont support our troops killing innocent people.
Do you not even realize that, in claiming to support what the troops fight for, you are contradicting yourself? And innocent people are not killed intentionally nor are they killed because of our troops - they are killed because of those who start the conflict (we don't start them).

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