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10-29-2012, 11:49 AM
dave babych returns
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Originally Posted by Chubros View Post
Nice story, guys, go on believing that if you like. However, do you know what the NHL would have spent on salaries if GMs had showed restraint last year and every team spent to the floor and no further?

57% of $3.3B, or $1.88B.

And what if all the owners had "spent themselves into a hole" and all paid right up to the cap, front loading every contract possible?

57% of $3.3B, or $1.88B.
Furthermore, for team owners to not "spend themselves into a hole" there would have to be collusion (ie. teams would have to get together and decide to place limitations on the free agent marketplace that don't exist within the CBA), in which case Donald Fehr would be going to town on the league in a courtroom somewhere right now.

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