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10-29-2012, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Predaleafs View Post
I am willing to take the infraction, but i completly and whole-heartedly agree with this. Our troops are fighting a war in Iraq that we have no right in. There comes a point in time where fighting a war isnt needed yet still forced.
Canadian troops did not fight in the Iraq war. And the very few that were there were advisers or were fulfilling NORAD duties as opposed to being directly involved in combat. We were in Afghanistan, but not Iraq.

In 1939, we fought for the rights of a whole religion
No, we did not. The Holocaust hadn't even started in 1939 so how could we have been fighting for a whole religion? Methinks you need to read a history textbook or two as your grasp of Canadian history is a sad indictment of whichever school you graduated from.

If you want to stick to your opinions that is fine but at least learn some facts and base your opinion on those because your statements here indicate that you have formed an opinion without having even the most basic understanding of the topics at hand.

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