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10-29-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Leafsman View Post
GM's are also alloted time to implement their plan and grow their team. Otherwise we'd see no GM last longer than a year.

A GM is evaluated on performance but only after a suitable length of time which depends on the situation he inherited. Marlies and other non-NHLers do impact the standings of the Leafs, though you can't see past your own stubborn short-sightedness to see that. You want every move Burke makes to win now while Burke is trying to win when the time is right to win and ensure the winning continues.
When you look at the Marlies and their success or non success from the NHL prospective you are only looking at one item: Is there players of quality to take roster spots at the NHL level that will improve the NHL team......

If you look at the Marlies.....who are the players that will come in a make a difference?

At this point we have little in the way of Pieces on the Marlies that can make a difference. That is the issue.

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