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Originally Posted by MajorityRules View Post
Pretty confident that he'll get fired aren't ya?

I'll be you he not only finishes off his contract, he'll get an extension. Only short-sighted fans are looking to see him canned. Are you one of those?
I used the key word "IF" he doesn't get results soon in my belief that time is ticking and patience waning from both Ownership and the Fan base alike. Lost playoff revenue year after year is not a desirable advantageous proposition for Ownership, nor enjoyable for an ever increasing fan base to endure.

I don't expect another public apology letter to be coming from MLSE, without internal action taken to back up their claim that they desire better results for the loyal Leaf fan base. You can't keep saying you're sorry, without backing it up, is simply empty promises.

Players have been changed, coach has been changed, management team expanded as has the scouting resources and now its time that those actions bear fruit.. Accountability for the teams performance on the ice and in the standings now lie squarely on the shoulders of the GM.

He controls his own fate, however more of the same results will result in his termination. Along this current bottom 10 finishes path of failure, its only a matter of time until the clock runs out. IMO

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