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10-29-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post

Some things i'd like everyone to know...

-Last night i advanced to the 1st day allowed for offering RFA's and UFA's contracts (June 26th). Roughly half of TBC GMs were online at this time so i asked everyone to offer contracts to their players.

-I then advanced the schedule period again to June 27th, to see which Contracts were accepted and/or denied by various players

-At 8pm tonight US Central time, i'll be advancing the schedule again to allow GMs to make counter offers to any/all RFAs and UFAs who did NOT accept the offers originally sent to them. Hypothetically, this advance should only take the league to June 30th, one day before the official UFA signings can begin.

I'm home all day Tuesday so i'll see where everyone stands on their contract situation. There's already been problems with every team because EA decided to include "In the System" players against the NHL cap which is seriously hurting our ability to sign all of our players.

-JULY 1st will have NO GMS make any offers to any free agents...yet. Since this is the 1st year we're doing this and none of us have any idea how it works, i may even cancel free agency completely, allowing all UFAs to go back to their original teams. It may sound bad but the league can potentially be completely ruined after one season if Free Agency isn't handled properly. Also, No Offer Sheets will be allowed until they are approved by ME. Again, this will only be for the 1st season. I want to be sure that the league is still in tact and that teams aren't getting unfairly screwed over.

-JULY 1st will most likely occur tomorrow and last until Tuesday night, after that, i'll advance the schedule again (just like last night) to get every GM a chance to see which UFAs/RFA's were signed and to offer new contracts when applicable.


I could not be more serious about this, any GM who offers an RFA an offer sheet or sends an offer to a UFA not previously on their team last season will both 1) be forced to send that player back to their original team for a 3rd round pick as punishment and 2) be on my **** list for making this long and drawn out Offseason even more complicated than it already is. This is your warning. This is a tense time for me and the future of the league so do not make things any harder than they need to be.
Thank god, I like the idea. EA really **** the bed on the GM Connected Offseason. My god. Guess we should all devise a list of players others CAN'T sign.


So for anyone hitting potential issues with retaining/keeping players. I say Make a list!

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