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10-29-2012, 12:36 PM
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Given that there's now discussion of cancelling the Winter Classic, they may be in real danger of losing the whole season. If that happens, there'd likely be a lottery just as there was in 2005 for the Crosby Sweepstakes. I got bored and calculated how many ping pong balls each team would have in the hopper, assuming the 2005 criteria again applied. There were seven boxes that could be checked: Did you make the playoffs in any of the preceding three seasons, and did you have the #1 overall pick in any of the preceding four NHL Drafts. If none of your boxes were checked, you got three ping pong balls. If only one of your boxes was checked, you got two ping pong balls. And if more than one of your boxes was checked, you got just one ping pong ball.

Here's how it'd look this time around:

Buffalo: 1 ball
Boston: 1 ball
Ottawa: 1 ball
Montreal: 1 ball
Toronto: 3 balls

NY Rangers: 1 ball
NY Islanders: 2 balls
Philadelphia: 1 ball
Pittsburgh: 1 ball
NJ Devils: 1 ball

Washington: 1 ball
Carolina: 3 balls
Florida: 2 balls
Winnipeg: 3 balls
Tampa Bay: 2 balls

Chicago: 1 ball
Detroit: 1 ball
St. Louis: 2 balls
Nashville: 1 ball
Columbus: 3 balls

Los Angeles: 1 ball
Anaheim: 2 balls
Dallas: 3 balls
San Jose: 1 ball
Phoenix: 1 ball

Vancouver: 1 ball
Edmonton: 1 ball
Calgary: 3 balls
Minnesota: 3 balls
Colorado: 2 balls

A total of 17 teams, including Buffalo, would have one entry; six teams would have two entries; and seven teams would have three entries, for a total of 50 entries. Buffalo would have a 2% chance to win that lottery.

My conspiracy theorist mind would lead me to put money on Toronto or Calgary to win that lottery.

Anyways, as you were...

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