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10-29-2012, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
I don't think so, at least on the owners part...

The only dissenting voice that I would imagine in the 29 owner situation would be Ed Snider. He stands to lose more money, as part of Comcast, than the rest of the league combined. However, he is also the richest owner, so I also doubt that he gives much of a damn about losing a bit of cash this season since his organization recoups that loss in year 11 of the NBC deal.

Those that say that the owners are fractured (i.e. Allan Walsh) are complete delusional ****tards. If you put any of the "suggestions" from the NHLPA in front of the BoG to vote, my money would be on a unanimous denial of acceptance.

Meanwhile, if you put the last NHL proposal in front of the entire NHLPA membership for a vote, I would put money on it passing acceptance by 65%...

You only need 60% of the majority to accept and over rule the union boss... Just saying...
I dunno, I think there are plenty of owners with good reason to want the season to start, and quickly. Leipold wouldn't have offered 10% interest (which is like an unheard of amount) if he thought the lockout was going to be a long haul. He has a very vested interest in getting games going before those 5,000 new STHs drop their plans. LA has to be looking to carry their momentum after the Cup run; they're on the verge of breaking out into the big-time markets. That goes doubly for Florida, and actually lots of the struggling small markets (Phoenix, Florida, Columbus, Dallas) might not survive a lost year.

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