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10-29-2012, 12:39 PM
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My current quiver:

Warrior Widow, 75 flex Zetterberg Pro

Very light in weight and I like the feel of the blade. I cut this stick a bit shorter than my other sticks (by 1 inch). I like the Zetterberg Pro curve; great all around; passing, snap shots, slap shots and backhanded shots. I got this in the clear finish with corner grip which I like.

Easton ST, 75 flex Drury

The stick weighs more than some, but to me it's fairly balanced. The flex feels a bit softer (IMO) than my Warrior. I like the Drury curve, fairly easy to raise the puck. I got the grip model, which is tacky but not too tacky.

NBH One95, 75 flex Malkin

I've had this one the longest of all three sticks; this was my first expensive stick purchases. I love everything about this stick; blade, flex, and curve.

Although I'm good on sticks; just like Jarick; hockey sticks (as well as gloves) are my favorite. The stick that I would like to try next would be:

BASE Savoy Special 75 flex Hossa curve

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